a designer with writer’s block

I am a graphic designer. I chose to be a graphic designer about 12 years ago and before that I was an illustration major at the Rochester Institute of Technology. While in college, I listened to a few of my non-artist friends complain about writing papers and preparing long research documents. I was ever so thankful that I didn’t have to do that. The one paper I did have to write for my music elective received a C. And, that was probably being generous. I have no interest in writing, I have no desire to write anything longer than an email. So, thankfully I have chosen a profession that allows me to write with photos, images, illustrations, type and color. Brochures, business cards, e-learning portal designs and medical and corporate businesses allow me to exercise my strengths. Thankfully DDA has a staff of writers that are more talented than I will ever be. Scriptwriting and copywriting for brochures, post cards, medical websites and e-learning tools are just a few of the services they provide and I couldn’t be more thankful. My 15-minute a day blog has just eaten up 45 minutes of my day. Now, back to what I do best. Design!