A Look Ahead

As Thursday is wrapping up and the three-day weekend begins in a few hours, I can’t help but look ahead at the projects that will need my attention next week both at work and at home. At home, I need to finish some spring cleaning. Yes, that’s right my spring cleaning has spilled into fall and if I keep procrastinating it will spill right on into winter. In a few weeks, my youngest son will turn 1. A birthday bash will need to be planned! I am still completely amazed how fast time has gone… and my little guy is growing up and like his big brother will soon have opinions, original thoughts, likes, dislikes and, I hope, many funny stories to tell me. 

At DDA, it looks like a website design will take top priority along with an inside layout for a newsletter. Adobe Photoshop CS3 has and continues to be my design program of choice when it comes to beginning a design, any design. Today, I worked on a handful of logo designs for a medical company that we have done many different types of advertising pieces for. Now for a logo design I suppose I should work on them in Adobe Illustrator but to me it’s almost like using a pen rather than a pencil, Photoshop being my pencil. I don’t use Illustrator often and I suppose I should, but I find Photoshop more forgiving, more malleable and as thoughts and ideas come, I can quickly “sketch” them in Photoshop without having to stop and figure out which tool will work best. 

Next week, and as soon as I finish my post, I will begin on some website buildout for the parking garage website we are working on. I will soon need to call upon the animation department to begin work on a Flash slideshow now that our programming department has finished with their task of creating boxes that dynamically open and close.