A Message to My External Harddrive

It wasn’t until I arrived at the DDA office today that I realized I left you at home. My initial feelings were panic and disbelief. For the last 3 years I have disconnected you from my home computer, packed you up in my bag and brought you to the office and every week you were a trooper and arrived at each destination unscathed and ready for work. Never a complaint was uttered. You glowed your soft blue glow and if I disconnected you prematurely, you kindly told me not to do it again. So, here I am without you, without my precious Photoshop files, vector Illustrator files and Text Edit notes. My daily task list is also there with you, 2 hours away. After my feelings of panic dissipated, I collected myself and realized that all of the graphic design work that needs to be completed today is new design work. New brochure designs, a new website design for the DDA Grid (look for this in a month or so!) and some medical website buildout needs to be worked on today, which thankfully can be done without you. So, enjoy the day off my dedicated external harddive. You deserve it! I’ll see you tonight. 

p.s. If you are looking for your power adapter and firewire cable I have them!