A Morning of Email

How did we ever get along without email? It’s hard to imagine communicating to colleagues, friends, or family any other way. Whether you use email to say hi to your sister in another town or use it to send important files to your colleague in the office right next to yours, email is not only useful it’s necessary.

One of my main projects this week was to design an Email Newsletter for a very important client of ours who has used many of our other advertising services, such as trade show graphic design, brochure design, and website design. Their request was to have us create an Email Newsletter that their Sales Reps could use to send to their customers daily with product sale information. So, not only is email used for communication, we are also using it, and have been using it, for email marketing… which has become a useful sales tool for many companies.

I know I would much rather find a marketing piece in my email box rather than my mailbox. It’s a much greener alternative!  Think about how you would get through the day without email. Would your productivity be slow? Would the phone be attached to your ear all day? Would you be spending more money on postage? While you ponder those questions, I will finish answering the many new emails I just received.