A Passion for What you Do

Over the weekend, my husband and I went to a nearby garden store sans kids to take advantage of their shrub and perennial sale. We’re fairly ignorant when it comes to shrubs and greenery of that sort so we sought out the assistance of a worker pruning some tiny bonsai-like bushes. Little did we know we stumbled upon the most knowledgeable and passionate shrub, tree, perennial, and insecticide guru in the entire place… at least as far as we were concerned. It was not only that he knew what he was talking about, but you can tell from the moment we asked him a question he was eager and almost thrilled to point us in the right direction. So, we took advantage of such a wealth of knowledge and I believe we asked him literally 20 questions and stayed their til closing. We were ready to take him out to dinner, but that seemed creepy. Anyway… where I am going with all of this is it’s not everyday you find someone with such a passion for what they do along with an eagerness to pass on their wealth of knowledge, and then some, to anyone willing to listen. For example, I now know that if I was to ever have an aphid outbreak in my houseplants I can kill them with soapy bubbles rather than using some crazy insecticide – I could go on as to why but I’ll save that for another day. Having a passion for what you do everyday is permeable. And, yes, DDA graphic designers, photographers, animators, web development specialists, and copywriters all showcase their passions in different ways. Some by the quality of work they produce, some by the quantity, and some by the insight and creative thinking they contribute to a website development project, brochure, logo design, or animation.