A Round of Applause, Please

Yesterday morning, my now 1-year old (can you believe that!) decided that he was going to stand up all by himself with no assistance from anyone or anything. He bravely put all fours on the floor, rear-end went up in the air and he flipped himself up into a standing position that mimicked a football player’s ready stance. After about 5 seconds of standing, wobbling and balancing he plopped rear-end first onto the floor and gave himself a round of applause. It was a delight to witness. Oftentimes, I don’t think we give ourselves the praise or accolades we deserve. What a big milestone for my little guy and I was not only proud that he stood up, I was even more proud that he clapped for himself rather than getting miserable that he fell back down. 

I feel sort of like giving myself a round of applause today. We’ve been working with a great new client and have already created a unique trading card design, a business card design and now we are working on a website design which includes a hefty backend of programming and social networking enhancements. We received approval on the site design today. We offer our clients at least 3 design choices (and sometimes more) to review and oftentimes they pick one and make some changes. Meanwhile everyone in the office picks their favorite and today my favorite was picked. Did I mention that this project is also on a very tight deadline… which makes it even more important for our client to approve a design quickly which they have and now the real meat and potatoes work can be done. HTML templates will be made, the programmer’s back end will be added and because we never miss a deadline a fully functional website will be delivered right on time. Yay for us!