A Schedule Change

Starting next week, my weekly trip to DDA will now occur on Mondays instead of Thursdays. While I would much rather make this trip on a Thursday, my husband’s days off of work have been adjusted to Sundays and Mondays instead of Thursdays and Fridays. Not only that, he will be now working in the evenings instead of the mornings. While I am at DDA, he is at home bonding (more like wrestling) with our boys. I’m not looking forward to all this change in my schedule. I thrive on routine. I find comfort in routine and schedule. 

DDA is also on a pretty tight schedule, to my delight. Our four, 10-hour day week has not changed in all of my now 6-years with DDA. We start promptly at 8am and are quickly shuffled out the door at 6pm. On Thursdays a bottle of beer or glass of wine is served at 5pm to anyone in the building that is over 21, of course. We all keep a list of tasks that is updated daily and as I was reviewing and updating my own task list today, I noticed a few loose ends I’ve failed to mention. 

The DDA Posters arrived, like weeks ago. I was on vacation during the event and upon arrival to the DDA office, there they were, I felt like I gave birth to 10 beautiful posters… I tried not to look at them too long. I didn’t want to see any blaring errors but thanks to our copywriting department for proofreading so diligently none found yet. You can finally check them out by clicking here, which is our newly updated and more user-friendly Portfolio page that won’t make you gag. On this page, you can rollover each of the DDA Division icons (DDA VideoDDA MedicalDDA CMTDDA SEMDDA Apps, and DDA USA) to take a glance at its poster. Don’t forget to rollover the Internet and Print portfolio links on the left side to see their posters as well!