A Thanksgiving and DDA Comparison

This year, my husband and I are hosting Thanksgiving dinner. Well, kind of. My mom is having control issues and still wants to cook most of the meal. I have been left with the responsibility of mashed potatoes. And while I have made mashed potatoes many times for my own family and can probably make them in my sleep I feel extra pressure to make the best mashed potatoes ever made this Thursday. Sure there are other important responsibilities that come with hosting Thanksgiving dinner, such as setting the table and keeping the house clean and tidy, but none so rewarding as actually preparing and cooking the dinner. Ah, perhaps next year. 

DDA’s list of advertising services is much like a complete Thanksgiving dinner, without my mom’s control issues (which I’m not complaining about, by the way, just pointing out). Let’s take our website design and development services, comparable to the Thanksgiving turkey. A complete necessity to any successful business, or Thanksgiving dinner. Tasty digital advertising sides such as professionally designed and printed brochures, trade show graphics, business cards and direct mail pieces are the cranberry sauce, stuffing, sweet potatoes and green been casserole equivalents. And what would a Thanksgiving dinner, or advertising agency be without dessert, or for comparison sake search engine optimization, programming and copywriting? When you think you just can’t eat another bite, please consider our video production, animation and digital photography services as your after-dinner drink or late night repeat of the days spread. Leftovers are unavoidable as is our Time and Resource Accounting processes so that you know what time was expended on your project and how. 

However you break it down Thanksgiving dinner and DDA’s full-service advertising services just can’t be beat!