A Website is a Website no Matter how Small

Recently, my 4-year old has grown a liking for Dr. Seuss. I couldn’t be happier. Somehow, someway my childhood was devoid of Dr. Seuss books. I never read a one of them. Aside from The Grinch movie at Christmastime and Green Eggs and Ham, I was pretty ignorant in the Seuss department. Last night, we were reading Horton Hears a Who and I honestly got a little teary-eyed for the little Whos floating around on their speck relying on Horton to get them to the top of Mt. Nool before the “haters” of the Whos boiled them. Anyway, I’m sure you know the story, but if you are like me and you don’t, well, Horton explains to all that A Person is a Person no matter how small and the little Whos chant We Are Here, We Are Here and well you’ll just have to read the story to find out what happens. 

DDA is here! DDA is here! We may not be floating around on a speck (or maybe we are?), but we are here and we are a talented group. Medical websites, retail and corporate website design, Healthcare IT for training, consumer information, patient information, and personal online health records, medical and corporate print design, including brochures, logo design and development, letterhead and envelope design and video and animation services are here. We’ve designed websites of all shapes and sizes. Provided our clients with our one-of-a-kind customer service. So, if you’re in the need of a 25 page website or a 125 page website, we are here!