A word about logos

DDA has been working on many logo designs for a variety of clients lately. We just spoke to a new client yesterday who is very excited about the launch of their new restaurant and needs a logo design to visually represent them. Seems like an easy task… choose a font… add a graphic or two and pick two, three or four colors. Not so easy. In fact, I find myself saving the logo design projects for those days when I can really commit myself to a solid block of time to understand my client’s business, their target audience, their likes and dislikes and do a little research about their competition and how their logo (their mark) can stand out and represent them the best it can. It’s almost like naming your children…. which I found to be just as daunting. 

What do I think makes a great logo? Well, it really depends on the client and their business. A great logo can be a simple logotype or as complicated as adding detailed illustration with the client’s name and tagline. Logos should be able to be translated to black and white line drawings, 2-color and full color versions. It should be scaleable and easily used for all types of collateral material: brochures, websites, business cards, sale sheets, trade show graphics, etc.  DDA’s approach to logo design engages the client with the process so that the final logo that is ultimately delivered, in all the necessary formats and color variations, is client-driven and expertly designed. If you would like to check out DDA’s portfolio of logos, simply click on the link below: