Advertising then and now

During vacation, I finally found time to start and finish Chip Kidd’s new book “The Learners”, a sequel to book designer Kidd’s first novel, “The Cheese Monkeys”. It’s not often I get the chance to read a book from beginning to end in 2 days, but I just couldn’t put this one down. The novel takes you back to the 60s, pre-computer era for graphic designers and takes you into the life of post-graduate and graphic designer, Happy, as he lands his first job as art assistant at an advertising agency in Connecticut. The book is filled with eccentrics, murder, shoes with buckles, giant dogs and advertising. Kidd also intersperses comments about form and content and on one spread he allows Happy to critique his first newspaper ad. I was in my glory and even started reading excerpts to my husband who I’m sure was paying attention.

While reading “The Learners” I couldn’t help but think of DDA and the staff that works at our advertising agency and how different the world of advertising is today compared to advertising in 1960. There are so many more elements and media to consider. Internet, print and multimedia. Different website browsers and screen resolutions to consider… don’t forget to include an IT department for troubleshooting. It can all feel overwhelming. What’s the answer, the solution? DDA, of course. We offer every advertising service all completed in-house, on-time and by experienced, talented and degreed designers, animators, programmers and copywriters. We may not be as eccentric as those in Chip Kidd’s new book, but I’m sure there is a reality show here somewhere!