An investment worthwhile

Over the weekend, my husband and I packed up our kids and we all piled into our VW Beetle for a day trip to Lake Tobias in Halifax to check out some wildlife. Two adults, a 3 1/2-year old, a 10-month old, a stroller, one stuffed diaper bag, a bag of clothes to change into (someone always seems to get wet wherever we go) and a bag of snacks. Seems ridiculous but somehow it just works. We went on a safari bus tour through the estate and fed ostriches, elk and buffalo, and saw herds of white-tailed deer. They ate right from our hands and weren’t shy about it! We visited the petting zoo and fed the goats, saw tons of other animals, enjoyed GIANT freeze pops, ice cream and bison burgers. Was a great day!

It’s Wednesday already and after loading all the photos into my computer from my new digital SLR camera, I remembered what a great time we had. What a great investment! I began thinking about all of the photography services that DDA offers and my role in those services. As lead graphic designer, I use photos and images everyday, incorporating them into website, brochure or poster designs, to name a few. Our digital photography services definitely marry a great design with professional photographs. Our photo manipulation services also make anything possible. So, go ahead. Inquire about our digital photography services and you won’t be sorry. It’s a great investment!