…and he’s off!

My now almost 9-month old is crawling… everywhere! I used to be able to sit him down, he’d play nicely, and I’d go about my chores. Oh, those were the days. Now, when I sit him down and go about my chores, he’s disappeared somewhere on a search for something to jam in his mouth to ease the pain of teething. When I do find him, he seems so pleased with himself that he’s gone and discovered something new. It must be quite an exciting time for him… all these new things to discover, taste (edible or not) and touch. Visit DDA’s website and I’m sure you’ll discover something new. Updates to our site occur frequently and you can literally spend days there learning about our advertising services, sifting through pages of print, Internet, video, CD-ROM/DVD, animation, and digital photography portfolio pieces. Play the Target Your Keywords game with Jessica, or Meet the DDA team… by the way, the illustrations you see were drawn by our very own designer/illustrator Melissa. While you may not be able to taste, touch, or jam anything in your mouth, I’m sure you will discover and learn something new with each visit.