Batch Automation and Coffee

Photoshop’s automated features are just great. Right now as I’m typing I’m saving digital photography images that DDA photographed in-house about a year ago in three different image formats: high-res TIFF files, and high-resolution and low-resolution JPEG files. There are about 100 images and without Photoshop’s stellar capabilities, this might take me all morning to open each file and save it out three different ways.

Simply create your action that you wish Photoshop to apply to each image. Then, ask Photoshop (politely, of course) to replay that action on all images in a specified folder. Then, sit back and enjoy your Venti Latte. Or, if you’re like me and enjoy multi-tasking, sit back, enjoy your Venti Latte, write your daily blog, burn a CD and mentally plan out your day’s graphic design projects.