Biting off more than you can chew can be beneficial in the long run

There is 8″ hole in our background about 12′ x 10′ in dimension. Why? Well… a baked potato caught on fire in our gas grill. Long story short we are now preparing to install a patio alongside our shed to move our grill off our deck so it doesn’t catch the house on fire. Sure, replacing the grill with one that is safer would have been an option, but it’s just postponing the inevitable. My husband and I have wanted to put a patio in the yard since we moved in 4 years ago and no time like the present! It will be a nice spot for a little seating area and to set up a kiddie pool when we need to cool off the boys. While I am not fond of the large wound in the yard and am feeling a little overwhelmed by it I know that we are doing the right thing by installing it properly rather than finding a quick fix.

Does your company seek out quick fixes? Is that working for you? If not, (and I’m guessing it might not be) DDA has been solving graphic design, programming, streaming video and copywriting problems the right way since 1994. Daily, we bite off more than we can chew because we know we are a talented bunch of individuals who have weathered this current economic climate quite nicely and see your challenge as an opportunity to expand our growing list of services. Need a trifold brochure finished in three days? Sure. Just did that this week. Want to hold a medical webcast for nearly 2,000 people? Not a problem. If Internet webcasting, live streaming video, high-quality graphic design, and copywriting services are what you are looking for, then please look no further. Multi-dimensional projects are what we do best because we know in the long run it’s best for our clients.