Business Cards to Website Designs

Well, I was late to work again today and my alarm clock has been officially fired. Too many times it has let me down and caused me to run around the house in a panic while getting ready for work. Nonetheless I am here and one by one tasks are being crossed off (and added) to my list of projects needing attention today. I do have some good news to announce. The DDA business card struggle has managed to resolve itself and the most adorable 6-panel accordion fold card is in the works. It’s so cute I just want to pinch its cheeks. Two website designs I’m working on are moving along due to client feedback we were waiting on. This afternoon my focus will be on a calendar design that needs to be wrapped up this week and another website design for a new client of ours MUST be worked on and hopefully completed sometime tomorrow. And I can’t forget a meeting with a returning client who would like another banner stand similar in design to the 4 we have already created and printed for them. Each day at DDA is as busy as the last and each day brings a different project that not only expands our repertoire of advertising services but also strengthens our skill set, teaching us all how all of our services are not only important by themselves but how they work together allowing us to deliver powerful, proven and practical advertising solutions to our clients.