Change is in the air

The last day of August is here and I suppose the end of the summer rumors are true. Kids are going back to school, “Welcome Fall!” signs are popping up, mums are in abundance, and my 4-yr old is picking out his Halloween costume! I do love the change of seasons, however, I’m feeling a little panicked as this summer proved to be a bit rainier, humid and wetter than previous summers and a summer to-do list is still full. With a stretch of dry, warm, non-humid weather approaching, I’m excited to take care of some landscaping chores on my off-hours. During my on-hours at DDA, I hope to take care of some projects that patiently awaited my return after a few, much needed days off. This morning greeted me with a few corporate website updates, brochure designs, and various interactive media, webcasting, and video template designs. I am sure as the week unfolds more projects will be added because like the mums, September will hopefully bring in an increased amount of advertising and marketing projects for both corporate and medical companies!