Check. And then Doublecheck.

The other day I decided to make a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up a few items. Well, a few items turned into a cart-full of food, as it always seems to happen with me. After the cashier totaled everything, the price was way more than I expected and I thought “Wow, I really did go overboard today” and thought I was also suffering from the higher prices of milk and other grocery items. As I glanced at the receipt, I noticed that I was charged for a $59.90 ham and cheese sub! My first thought was “oh, my god why would I buy that”, then my thoughts turned to “This better be the best ham and cheese sub ever” and finally to “hey, I didn’t buy a ham and cheese sub, and in fact, I wasn’t even in the deli”.  So, I notified the cashier who quickly blamed it on the computer, of course, and thankfully the $59.90 ham and cheese sub was removed from my total. Whew!

You can never be too careful these days (especially in my line of work). Anything I do or our graphic design department sends out the door needs to checked and double-checked, proofed and reproofed. Luckily, we are blessed to have a staff of degreed and talented writers always willing to drop what they’re doing to proofread an entire website, brochure, sales sheet, catalog or trade show graphic. They look for misspellings, inconsistencies in design, and also make sure that websites appear the same on all operating systems and browsers. While the designers do their best everyday to minimize errors, we know we aren’t perfect and it’s a great help to have a fresh set of eyes to double-check our work!