Crafting a Design

I spent the majority of this weekend on the kitchen floor cleaning up the remains of my 4-year old’s crafting. He was making rockets, necklaces (for me), shooting devices and a Barack Obama cross (I have no idea what that one was all about, but he stuck in a vase and was proud of it). While I was on the floor, I simultaneously tried to keep the droppings out of the mouth of my 1-year old who thought it was ridiculously funny that mom was crawling around on the floor. This sudden explosion of wanting to create “something” from my 4-year old thrilled me. My sister and I would spend hours making cards and little girlie things when we were that young. Now in my 30s, I still find myself creating, but on a much advanced, professional level.

This morning I completed the layouts of an umbrella display package design, was part of a conference call with a client to finish up a parking garage website and will soon be directing my attention to finalizing the new website design for DDA Medical so that we can start better targeting those medical professionals looking for Healthcare IT, Clinical Trial and eLearning services. Thankfully my type of crafting doesn’t involve paint, glitter or beads that I am still finding all over the place.