Creating the Mood

Last night if you watched the show, Secret Millionaire, you’d know that it was set in Shenandoah, PA which is just minutes from Frackville where my home and DDA home office is located. Basically the premise of the show is that a millionaire lives and works in a poverty-stricken area for one week pretending to be down on their luck and filming a documentary on poverty. Their task is to find 3 families, businesses, or what have you, that are in need and they will then donate around $100,000 to them, from their own money (or at least something like that). Well, last night was the first time I watched. So, I sat to watch, while my 3-year old created an indoor slide out of the couch cushions, changing table pad and some blankets… was a rather nice structure! Anyway, the show made Shenandoah look like hell on earth. I couldn’t believe I actually lived minutes from there. What they didn’t show was the main street and the revitalization efforts being made which include new street lights, new sidewalks, and the 2 new fancy restaurants that just opened up. Nor did they show the hard-working people that live and work in that town. Sure, there are dilapidated buildings and bugs in the apartment the secret millionaire rented for the week but heck who doesn’t have bugs? Just the other day I flicked a spider off of my 3-year old’s jammies (which we quickly collected in a cup and threw out into the snow).

At the end of the show, money was given to three well-deserving people including $100,000 to an Aveda Salon owner in Frackville (which I frequent and know well) who collects food for needy people. She will change many lives with that money, I know. 

So, what I am getting at in a very long-winded way is through some fancy editing and choice of music you can really create any scenario. The show knew what mood they wanted to create and they knew exactly how they wanted their audience to feel. As a full-service digital advertising agency we know just how to accomplish the right mood. Our graphic designers target their audience with every new project. Colors, fonts, photography, graphics and design styles are chosen with the focus and goals of the project in mind, no matter if it is a brochure, website or trade show graphic. Have a rather unattractive product to sell? No problem, use our 3D modeling services to create a model of it that can be explored in a virtual setting. Need to add some spice to a rather boring subject? Again, our marketing professionals and copywriting department can help you with taglines, slogans and marketing messages that speak right to your audience.