DDA Chorus

Yesterday the entire DDA Staff assembled in the main gathering area to sing Happy Birthday to Steve, one of DDA’s talented writers. We do this monthly and sing to those whose birthdays fall during the current month. Debbie makes sure there is cake and this time it came in the form of ice cream! Thank you Debbie! I think we actually did surprise Steve with the festivities and as we do each month we collectively (animators, videographers, SEO specialists, webmasters, programmers, graphic designers, illustrators, project coordinators and copywriters) began to sing. It’s a rather pitiful and painful moment for those being sung to as well as for those within earshot. While the DDA Staff do have many wonderful talents and can pull our talents together effortlessly (or at least it may seem so), we cannot sing. Not at all. So, you won’t be finding DDA Chorus as a new division under DDA Corp. But, what you will find are six divisions that do showcase our talents and areas of expertise, all which do not require singing. Those being DDA Medical, DDA Video, DDA CMT, DDA SEM, DDA Apps and DDA USA. Together they provide for our clients custom-built website designs that are search engine optimized by our search engine optimization specialists, professionally designed brochures, logos and letterhead, custom applications developed by our staff of programmers and keyword-rich content from our staff of copywriters. That we can do and do well! Singing? Not so much.