DDA has great reviews

My Christmas shopping is near finished. This is the first time this has ever happened to me. Last night, once the kids were in bed I sat down at my computer (my new 27″ iMAC Quad-Core, an early Christmas present to myself and worth every penny!) and took advantage of some cyber Monday deals. At 11:30 pm I threw in the towel and drag myself up to bed. My most favorite thing to do is to read toy reviews. Well, it’s not my most favorite, but last night it was. I must have read every toy review ever written, then compared prices with other sites, researched who had free shipping combined with the best deal and I finished up my shopping! There are a few things I look for when reading a review. Is it written correctly? spelled correctly? Did the reviewer even use the toy? Is the review being nit-picky or is it a legitimate review. Do most of the reviewers have the same complaint or praise? Mainly I’m looking for consistency in a group of reviews. My formula usually works and hopefully as presents are being opened my efforts were worthwhile!

DDA has a entire web page of reviews. Our clients have praised and commented on our staff’s services and efforts. You will find reviews on our CD-ROM digital brochures, website design and development, corporate and medical brochures and sell sheets. Comments on our teamwork, responsiveness and design, animation, illustration and programming talents are consistent from reviewer to reviewer. So, even though cyber Monday is over there should be no question that Dynamic Digital Advertising is the advertising agency for your company or organization.