DDA Medical is Stirring up Some Excitement at DDA

Last night, my four-year old was up a number of times with a runny nose. “MOM, my nose is coming down!” was what I heard at 1am, 3:30am and 5:00am. I ran to his room like a shot each time so he wouldn’t keep yelling and waking up our 17-month old. Having two awake at that hour is just not something I want to entertain. It’s 6:40am now and I think the combination of Benadryl allergy, Vicks Vapor Rub on his jammies, a vaporizer and Tylenol is working… I can hear him snoring through the monitor as I type.

I’ve just finished an enormous mug of coffee and I’m wide awake with updates to the DDA Medical’s new website design complete and ready for review when the entire staff of DDA arrives for the day. We are quite excited about DDA Medical’s new look, new user interface and updated menu of every medical, healthcare IT, elearning, and medical marketing service we offer. Our spokesperson, Jessica (who is also one of our search optimization specialists, who you all know and love) has begun taping her video scripts for the site and Laurence, our Director of Motion Arts, has begun all the backend framework. Our flash animation department has also begun some initial menu animations and our 3D animation department is working on a 3D spin of a brain! Our copywriters are knee-deep in their enormous task of writing for each service and sub-service and soon all the pieces will be married into one beautifully functional medical marketing website unlike any other.