DDA Medical’s Areas of Specialty

This is the second blog I’ve written today. The first no one will ever read since it got wiped out when I accidentally closed all my programs and restarted my computer. It was a brilliant blog post, full of interesting bits of information about medical website design, logo design and DDA’s efforts to expand its medical website with enhanced video vignettes, project showcases, and areas of specialties. Designs for this new effort will begin momentarily. Meanwhile, just upstairs our copywriting department is researching, writing and organizing keyword-rich content so that we can properly target our desired audience. Healthcare professionals, Healthcare IT, and medical professionals can all benefit from DDA’s expansive list of advertising services and capabilities. ELearning, Medical CME Design and Medical IT services can be found at DDA Medical along with print advertising services including brochure and logo design – all these services at one place. I would be thrilled if I could find a physician or practice that offered such an expansive list of services. If I could get my teeth cleaned and have my kids receive their well check-ups at the same time, I would!