Design Alternatives

The other day, I was loading my two kids, stroller, and load of groceries into my ’98 Beetle after a trip to the grocery store. Cursing (under my breath of course) at the small size of my car, I stopped to remind myself that while an SUV or larger vehicle might be more convenient and make my life easier it would: 1. increase my gas bill and 2. increase my carbon footprint. So, on this Earth Day, I am going to stop and consider other ways I can make small changes in my day to conserve energy and reduce waste.

Cutting-edge website design, Email Marketing, and PDF documents are all advertising mediums to consider that not only save paper, but can be the better choice. DDA has been been providing these services to our clients for years. Brochures can now be available for viewing on your website as flipbooks. Check em out! This week we just delivered an Email Newsletter template to a client that their reps can use to correspond with their customers. And in just a few moments, I will begin design edits on a website that will showcase five different virtual magazines, each one delivering the same information but tailored to a certain age group. It’s quite a clever alternative to creating five complete brochures that would have to be printed, mailed and delivered.

Happy Earth Day to all!