Design… Interrupted

Interruptions are as much a part of my life as breathing is lately. Life before kids was carefree as I look back to how my husband and I would pick up and go out to eat or browse through bookstores for hours or even simply spend a Sunday being lazy. Not anymore. Life has become one interruption after another. Not necessarily in a negative way because it is at times endearing to be interrupted by my littlest trying to walk or my oldest boy asking politely for a snack (it’s the whining for a cookie or wanting to be held all day that can get old!). As the senior designer at DDA, I encounter many an interruption. Let’s take this morning for instance. I sat down this morning to continue my work on a website html page and was interrupted by a client email. I responded promptly then got back to work to customize a Spry Menu Bar widget. Another interruption came in the form of two staff emails each with different request. One for a business card PDF and another for a quick design to add another area on our DDA Corp website to include optimized content. About five minutes ago my stomach interrupted me for a bowl of oatmeal. Life would be boring I suppose without any interruptions and while some are welcome and some not so much, I’m happy to accommodate for life’s and design’s… interruptions.