“Designing” before designing

If I was to break up my workday in percentages of how it was spent I think it may surprise you just how much time I spend actually designing and by that I mean combining graphics, photography, illustrations and text into a complete, meaningful composition. But, is that all that is involved in designing? What about the time spent meeting with clients and staff to discuss their expectations and goals of their project, or the time spent researching their company and learning about their services and target audience. Or what about the time spent thinking? Yesterday, I did a few medical website designs for a client who specializes in minimally invasive spine treatments. During our initial meeting with the client we decided to develop a spa-like feeling for his medical website design, a place that felt comforting for those suffering from back pain. After the initial meeting the project stayed in my head for a few days and ideas started to form, imagery began to take shape and before I even sat down to begin work on possible design solutions I already knew what I wanted to do. I knew which colors I wanted to use, what the typography should look like and what type of photos should be used and how they should interact with the user-friendly menu structure our web development department created.  So, if you see me in my office staring at the wall twirling my hair, I am working, you just can’t see it!