Discipline is a &%*$#!

This morning my oldest son was just not cooperating. Behavior like slamming doors, not listening and throwing is just not acceptable, especially when they all happen within 5 minutes of each other. I can understand a slammed door here and there (I’ve partaken in a few slamming of doors myself) and not listening, but the perfect storm of bad behavior just exhausts me and then my 1-year old feels the need to join in. So, I’m forced to discipline which resulted in him not being able to take Buzz Lightyear to Grandma’s today, which then resulted in huge crocodile tears running down his face and an extremely guilty mom who stood her ground anyway. I’m sure by now he’s forgotten all about Buzz Lightyear and I’m left with enormous guilt. Oh, the joys of being a mom. 

Discipline comes in many forms. We discipline ourselves to wake up early to get to work on time. We stay disciplined to focus on our jobs. Discipline ourselves to work on those projects that aren’t as glamorous as others. Currently there is a 6-year old CD-ROM Training Tool that has haunted me since the day I started as graphic designer at DDA. Thankfully I disciplined myself to take care of what I needed to for that and now I can focus my time on putting the finishing touches on a calendar design and prepare some internal website page designs for a company who has multiple company divisions and needs to clearly represent them all. 

On Monday, I need to be extra disciplined to work on a shopping tote hang tag design for a great new client of ours. I’m excited about this one and maybe I’ll have to do a little shopping this weekend as research! That won’t take much discipline to accomplish!