Dynamic Customer Service Advertising

If Digital wasn’t already our middle name, then Customer Service would be, however as you can see by reading the title of this post it just doesn’t have the same ring as Dynamic Digital Advertising does. At DDA, we are passionate about the advertising services we offer and the level of customer service we provide to our clients daily. Here are some things that you can always count on at DDA. 

1. A person will always answer the phone and either answer your question or direct you to another person who can. NOT send you to voice mail.

2. Have a rush job that needs to get done yesterday? We can accommodate for that, however you may hear a slight grumble from yours truly as we do prefer to have enough time to make sure all our processes can be followed correctly.

3. Need a quote for a new project? You can be assured it will arrive quickly, when you need it. 

4. Need every digital advertising service all under one roof? We can provide and you will find that your question of  “Can you (fill in the blank)? is answered with a yes, 99% of the time. 

Recently, my husband and I went to Lowe’s to get some pricing on carpeting for our basement and staircase that leads up to the kitchen. What seemed like a routine request has turned into a nightmare of a task. The first sales associate failed to mention that a staircase is not included in their installation promotion. Next, we noticed Home Depot had a cheaper carpet installation promotion and we mentioned that to Lowes. After much sighing and whining, they matched their installation price. Last night I called to ask if the carpet we selected had a warranty. Again, the sales associate made me feel as if I was bothering her! Unbelievable, this is her job! It has been 2 weeks and we still do not have a final price. So, last night on my way home from DDA, I stopped at Home Depot and received a price for carpeting and had my questions answered (nicely) within 10 minutes… much better than two weeks. 

So, it seems that the answer is clear… Home Depot should be the way to go, well if it wasn’t for the fact that Lowes happens to have one of the best and nicest carpet installers in the area we would be running to Home Depot in a second. He has installed carpeting in our living room and in my parents house quickly, efficiently, quietly and beautifully. But, if Lowe’s continues with their poor customer service I will be forced to go elsewhere. 

If only there was a place that had great customer service AND professional, talented and experienced workers…. hey, there is… DDA! While we may not be able to install carpet (I take that back, we very well may be able to do that however it’s not listed in our digital advertising services) we can optimize your website, design your website, manage your website and turn your website into a sales tool that works for you rather than you working for it. And that’s not all, DDA offers print advertising services that will knock your socks off, animationvideo and copywriting services and we do it all happily, professionally and with little to no sighs.