Enthusiasm is Contagious

After I got both kids in for naps this afternoon, I settled down to my computer with a giant mug of tea and, admittedly, continued with my work (a website design for a company that makes spectrometers) half-heartedly. The kids were wound up today and they just exhausted me… thank god they’re headed to grandma’s tomorrow. Grandma’s are the best. Anyway, after about 20 minutes of work I was called into a conference call with a new client to discuss what I thought would be another trifold brochure project. By the time David and Steve (project coordinator and writer for this project) got me on the phone, it had morphed into a trading card! A boisterous, enthusiastic group of clients were also there and ideas were flying all around the room. Suddenly, I became alive again… the enthusiasm in the room was just contagious (or was it the 2 fun size snickers I was eating?). All this enthusiasm is just what I needed and seeing that the project needs to be written, designed and proofed by Thursday is certainly going to be a challenge. But, it’s what I do and I think what I do best.

I discovered that trait somewhere around my 3rd year of college. I tried and tried to sit and work on illustrations slowly and perfectly, building layers of color and depth and after about 5 or 6 hours of this method I would get bored and frustrated. Finally, I learned that I needed to start and finish a piece in under 3 hours. My best work was done that way. A method of painting quickly with thin layers of oil paint and adding detail with colored pencil and an x-acto knife was fine-tuned. Granted some pieces did take longer than 3 hours, but if I was able to get the bulk of the work done in that amount of time, success was imminent. 

So, my game plan for tomorrow is to gather all my necessary bits of info – text from Steve, a logo, images and color choices. I’ll begin by taking a look at some trading cards for inspiration and get to work! This one will be a challenge, but it’s what DDA does best. Sure, a one-sided sale sheet would be a piece of cake and what the client originally requested, but DDA doesn’t work that way. Anyone can do a one-sided sale sheet, but it’s not what our clients really needed. And enthusiastically the best solution was agreed upon… a trading card targeted to high school athletes who desire to go to college. Brilliant!