Ever Wonder?

Yesterday I was at the dentist and every time I go there I sit in the chair and wonder why there is tin foil (or aluminum foil) wrapped around the handles of the giant spotlight. Is it so that the hygienist doesn’t get shocked? Are the handles broken? Do they get hot? It then dawned on me. Maybe I should just ask? Usually I fall under the category… Don’t ask, figure it out yourself, a trait I know I received from my Dad. Then, I got to wondering if the hygienist really enjoys cleaning people’s teeth all day. I would hate that job and couldn’t imagine how she comes to work eager to floss my teeth. Yuck! Then, I started to think about my own job as lead graphic designer at DDA. (Yes, I did a lot of thinking in that chair that morning). And, I thought how lucky I am to be working as a graphic designer. I couldn’t think of a better job… it just fits me perfectly. I am delighted to sit behind a desk, behind my Mac and work on corporate and medical website, brochure, post card, etc. designs all day. I can listen to music that I enjoy, which enhances my creativity. I am also lucky enough to work with a great bunch of talented designers, web developers, programmers, animators and copywriters who challenge my skills and make me a better designer, organizer and above all, problem solver.

Oh, and by the way, the aluminum foil wrapped handles are so there is no cross-contamination since the hygienist has her hands in my mouth and is constantly moving the giant spotlight around. They are, thankfully, changed after each patient!