First Days

I hate the first days of anything. The first day of school. The first day at a new job. The first day of winter, however the first day of fall, spring and summer I have to admit are quite nice! First days are filled with anxiety, nervousness, unknowns and stomach aches. I just dropped my 4 1/2 yr old off at preschool and he did great until he saw all the kids. Even then he did much better than I would have. He located a soccer buddy and now instead of his afternoon nap, which I held onto as long as I possibly could, he’s learning about whatever it is you learn about in preschool. I’m sure I will find out later today.

Meanwhile, I’m quietly working away on logo designs for a pain management practice, website updates, brochure tweaks and whatever other digital advertising project lands into my email box until the time comes to pick him up and then scoop up his younger brother from my parent’s house. Then, the real work begins. Dinner needs to be made out of pretty much nothing as it seems that grocery shopping was forgotten over the holiday weekend. Then we’re all off to a double-header soccer game tonight and then baths and finally bed. We will all be going to bed early tonight!

Tomorrow: how much I hate the last days of anything.