First Time Anxiety

Tomorrow, we start swim lessons for my 3-year old. I’m nervous already. Will he enjoy it? Will he cry or be afraid of putting his face in the water? Will he want to go back? I’m sure that I’m not the only parent that feels anxious the first time their child starts something new. We try to prepare them by explaining what will happen and how they may feel, and provide them with some useful “tools” for coping, but we’re only human and can’t foresee everything. So, tomorrow we’ll go with our bathing suits and towels and a snack for the way home and hope for the best.  

As a graphic designer, I feel the same sort of anxiety every time I begin a new project. I tend to procrastinate on it just a bit as I’m still mulling over the details in my head. So, even though no actual visible work is being done, I am working it out mentally. Either today or tomorrow I will begin a package design for a novelty product a relatively new DDA client has requested. I have been “seeing” the design for this package for the past two weeks and now it’s time to get to work. I know the target audience, the size and shape of the product, and the information that needs to be highly visible and the information that does not. 

So, similarly to how I have prepared my little boy for his swim lessons tomorrow, our client has prepared me to creatively and carefully work on his package design. I have the “tools” I need to begin and now it’s just time to jump in while the water is warm and hope that there is a snack for me afterwards! Preferably in the form of chocolate.