As other DDA staffers have written, we are pushing forward with our daily tasks of designing websites, programming, animating, video editing and copywriting however we do this all with heavy hearts and thoughts of a dear coworker who suffered a great tragedy this week. She is the backbone to many of our projects and DDA’s processes. But, not only that, she is a wonderful, special person who needs the support of family and friends more than ever and we are all here for her. I’ve mentioned before that the staff at DDA are team players and we support one another. I’ve worked at DDA through many of my own life changing events – getting married, building a house, moving, having 2 children, losing loved ones and DDA was right there with their support for every event. We are family here and when one of us suffers we all suffer. When one of us needs help we’re there and while I’m having a bit of trouble focusing on each task at hand this week I know I need to push forward. I’m sure I am not alone in saying we all support our dear coworker and are here for her.