Fun with Tape

My 3-year old loves tape. All kinds. Electrical tape, duct tape, bubble gum tape, scotch tape…. you name it, he loves it. Rolls of tape will keep him occupied for hours although the clean-up afterwards isn’t much fun. He plays with tape until he completely exhausts himself and I have to sit him on the couch to calm down.

At least that is the situation I encountered yesterday while quickly, but ever-so-carefully working on some revisions to a chart in a medical brochure design that needed to be delivered to our client as a high-resolution PDF yesterday afternoon. Tensions were high as tape was being wrapped around curtains and a chalkboard easel while my G5 was working as fast as it could, saving Photoshop documents, downloading files from Fetch, and setting Type with ease (God bless that computer).

After the smoke cleared and another DDA client emailed with their thanks and praise, tape cleanup began. Looking back, amused at the situation, I know now I need to discover a way to harness my little boy’s delight with tape in a more positive direction so the poor guy doesn’t end up on the couch again with no tape at all.