Good Design!

Last night my 3-year old and I were watching “Good Eats” with Alton Brown on the Food Channel (well, I was watching it and he was building a fort with our couch cushions). I used to watch this show all the time because I love the way he breaks down cooking as a chemistry experiment and really explains the “hows” and “whys” of cooking. So, we both learned something new last night. Basically, if you want a really good tasting tomato don’t buy grocery store tomatoes (unless they are vine ripened ones) because grocery store tomatoes are picked when they’re green, then exposed to ethylene gas to make them red so they are pleasing to the consumer’s eye by the time they get to the produce section. Now, it’s all on the up and up and there is nothing wrong with it BUT we have all been missing out on a really good tasting tomato! Just because they are red doesn’t change their taste… they still taste like a green, not-yet-ready-to-pick tomato. But, if they were to wait until they turned red and pick them to send out for eating, by the time they reached the store they will have all been rotted. Can’t say I blame them. So, this all makes me very anxious for the tomatoes in my garden to ripen for picking.

So, now for the segway into DDA’s vast and extensive line of advertising services…. hmm… well, I suppose you can compare a vine-ripened tomato that is red, juicy and full of antioxidants and lycopene to our entire graphic design department and our design process. Our process begins with providing our clients with preliminary design concepts to review and respond to (the green tomato phase). Then, our graphic designers keep working until the a finalized website, brochure, trade ad or trade show graphic design is perfectly complete just like a red, delicious tomato. We refuse to deliver a green tomato design that is disguised as a red ripe tomato design. It will never be as juicy or as delicious. Our design process works only when time, talent, and patience are the key ingredients.