Tomorrow morning, I will be taking my 3-year old to the allergist for a milk challenge. He is allergic to milk, well, he was… I think he has now grown out of it, so the allergist wants to be certain and he’ll be drinking milk at his office to see if there are any noticeable side effects. The whole thing will take about 3 hours so I definitely need to be prepared with toys (preferably new ones or ones he’s forgotten about) and snacks (milk-free ones). So, cause I’m curious and I Google everything these days I Googled “milk challenge” and up came a number of links about how to be a part of the “official milk challenge”, which involves drinking a gallon of milk in under an hour and keeping it down. I’m really hoping this is not what the allergist has in store for my little guy tomorrow!  Anyway, I’m not much different than anyone else when I google something to get more information. I googled my name once and buried deep in all the results was the time results when my husband and I ran in a 10K race. We were dead last. I, however, finished a few seconds before him! 

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