Graphic Design faux pas

Without much inspiration for a blog today, I decided to find some from my fellow coworker’s blogs. Lo and behold Steve’s blog about pet peeves from the copywriting department was all the inspiration I needed. Thanks for the helpful info Steve! We all have our pet peeves, at home and at work. At home, my husband continues to turn on the overhead light in the kitchen that 1. is too extremely bright and 2. makes everything look creepy. I swear he does it on purpose. At work, and by that I mean graphic design in general, there a list of pet peeves that aggravate me. 

1. Misspelling of QuarkXPress. I don’t even use the program anymore, but please oh please don’t forget to capitalize the “X”!  

2. Website Designers who fail to test their sites in all available website browsers. You can rest assure that DDA checks each of the websites we deliver in all available updated browsers.  

3. Widows and orphans. A widow is generally a single line of a paragraph appearing at the top of a page and an orphan is generally a single line of a paragraph appearing at the bottom of a page. A widow can also be used to refer to a single word or two very short words at the final line of a paragraph. It’s all just so sad. 

4. Stretched fonts. Please, if a font does not fill the space properly please don’t squash it, stretch it, squish it or squeeze it to fit. There are fonts out there for every brochure, website, logo or trade show graphic design.