Hoping for Some Relief

For almost a year now my 72-year-old dad has been suffering from plantar fasciitis, which is a painful inflammatory condition caused by excessive wear to the plantar fascia of the foot causing pain on the underside of the heel. What started out as a painful annoyance is now frustrating my very active, talented, and hard-working dad who doesn’t look a day over 60. As the youngest of about a dozen kids he didn’t have much growing up and I am thankful everyday for what he and my mom have provided me, my sister and my brother. He (along with help from my husband) built our deck, shed, finished our basement, and built us countless pieces of furniture including our coffee table, 2 side tables, a barrister bookcase, a toybox, our fireplace mantel, a Thomas the Train table and little table and chairs (for his grandsons), a step-stool, and in our living room he built us a entire wall unit with shelves and cupboards that looks like it came right out of a magazine. Oh, and he has done about the same amount of work for my sister. He has also taught my 3-year old how to swing a hammer without whacking his thumb. Because of his heal pain he needs to wear his shoes all the time with special inserts, he has tried physical therapy, cortisone shots and now will have surgery on Friday morning. He is an active member of the Elks lodge in Frackville and the guys call him “Internet Joe” because he is constantly searching the Internet to learn more about… anything. Well, he now knows more about plantar fasciitis than anyone and I believe he has now read too much. Horror stories of surgeries gone wrong and websites pushing products for cures are keeping him on edge. The Internet has surely changed all our lives and the way we gather and process information, but can we really know too much about something? I think it’s always important to know as much as you can, but equally important to make sure your information is coming from a valid, reputable source. While DDA might not be able to cure my dad’s aching heal or lift his spirits with a miracle cure, we can offer valid, reputable information for search engine marketing, advertising services, print design, digital photography and professional video production services. You never have to think twice as to whether the information you are reading from our site is true. Just take a glance at our testimonials. They speak for themselves. As for my dad, I wish him well Friday morning and so he can keep up with his grandsons again… not to mention all the handiwork I have waiting for him.