How old are you?

Everywhere I went with my boys this weekend, complete strangers would ask, “How old are you?” My 3-year-old proudly put up his three fingers and the questioner was pleased with his answer, and when I was asked how old my almost 6-month-old was, I would answer and shock would come across their face since he is quite big for his age. But, no one asked me how old I was, and, in fact, I haven’t been asked how old I am from a complete stranger in quite some time.

There seems to be a time period between the teenage years and way into your eighties when the question of, ”How old are you?” is taboo. My husband’s grandmother is 91 and she is asked quite often “How old are you?”… she proudly answers 91.  Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) was founded in 1994, so that would make us 14 years old. We have been growing and expanding every year with the complete package of advertising services. I have been with DDA almost 6 years now and as Lead Designer, I have been a part of many web design, print design, and video production projects that showcase all of our team’s talents.

We are especially excited about the upcoming launch of DDA Carnival that showcases our portfolio projects in an exciting, interactive carnival-like setting and we are currently writing and designing for our newest division, DDA CMT (Corporate and Medical Training).  So, as DDA enters the pre-teen years and our capabilities are expanded by our full spectrum of talents and degreed designers, be sure to spend some time at our website ( to learn all about our 14 years of experience.