I May Never Have to Read Again!?!

Last weekend my husband and I took our boys to the Crayola Factory in Easton, PA. While they don’t actually make all the world’s crayons there, it is a really fun place to take the kids to test the new projects, see how actual crayons and markers are made and explore colorful hands-on activities. One of my absolute favorite areas was a video-based area of the Factory in which kids (and grown-ups, specifically my husband) can stand in front an enormous blank wall and a video camera hidden in the opposite wall’s ceiling displays their image on a huge video screen right in front of them. It’s no ordinary image… through special effects and with a music track playing the background you feel like you’re on some tripped-out iPod commercial. Here’s a link to a YouTube posting of what it looks like. (Not my kids though). 

Last night I was doing some Internet surfing and got sucked into various websites including CNN, SNL and Williams Sonoma. Videos of previous broadcasts, videos of cooking instructions and videos of anything I wanted to see were available and I didn’t have to read a thing. All of this exposure to videos on the Internet and videos as part of learning experiences made me realize just how important DDA Video is to our clients and how important it will become to our new and existing clients who have not tried our video services. Our video department, videographers, animators and multimedia professionals can storyboard, direct, edit and produce any type of video for a wide range of uses. Our copywriting department also offers professional scriptwriting services. After a visit to DDA Video’s unique method of describing and showcasing our capabilities and its one-of-kind BYOV (Build Your Own Video) tool, you’ll be sure DDA’s video department can create any type of video for your website or CD-ROM/DVD.