If you give a client a website, they’ll want a webcast to go with it

My 4-year old has a book called “If You Give a Mouse A Cookie”. It’s a cute little, beautifully illustrated story about a mouse who is given a cookie by a little boy and after he gets the cookie he wants a glass a milk and after he gets the glass of milk he wants a straw and if he has a straw he wants a napkin and after he wipes his face he…. well, you get the idea.

This story very simply can explain the entire DDA story (at least in my professionally degreed opinion). Let’s say, for example, you need a logo design. That is certainly something we can provide for you and if we give you a logo design, you may want a business card to go with it. And now that you have a business card you will probably want to prepare a corporate brochure or presentation folder. And because you know that a logo, business card and presentation folder is just not enough, you will ask us to design and develop a website and because we are DDA we won’t just give you a website we will design and build a fully optimized website with keyword-rich content. So, there you are with your logo, business card, brochure, presentation folder and website and now that you have all that, you will want to add streaming video, animation to your website. And now that your website is so much more technically advanced than any of your competitor’s websites, you’ll want to hold a live webcast to extend the reach of your message. Your live video webcast will be so extremely successful you’ll want to add a  new division to your company and you call DDA to develop a logo design and if we give you a logo design you will want a business card to go with it.