I’m not afraid

If you have ever arrived at our main portfolio page you may, like me, get nauseous. And, it’s all my fault (and Vinnie’s too). I’m not afraid to admit it. Efforts to improve on its navigation by adding a spinning carousel at first seemed like a brilliant idea. I pictured visitor’s to our website being amazed and delighted by what they saw and now I’m not so sure. So, never fear… a new design is in the works and I’ve already tapped the Animation Department for their assistance. Hopefully, this time next week (which will be the day before my birthday) we will unveil our new page. Mick, our webmaster, cleverly revealed that our main portfolio page is the 2nd most visited page of our corporate website. YIKES! So, if you haven’t been there yet, shame on you. Just don’t go there yet! Wait until it is revamped… it’s suffering from the dirty bulldozer effect. As a special treat our in-house Dynamic Digital Advertising Posters (all 10) will make an appearance.