Importance of a Schedule

My boys were on a mini vacation at their grandparents this weekend. I was really looking forward to having time to catch up on the things that are difficult to do with two very active, curious boys around. I suddenly discovered when the house was quiet and there was no one around to make a mess to clean up and no breakfasts or lunches to prepare, that I started to miss the little guys. My husband was at work and it was just me left to do as I please, and I had no idea what to do.

I have been so accustomed to having my boys around and keeping my eye on the clock, making sure that we stay on schedule… breakfast at 8, nap for the youngest at 9, take the 3-year old to the potty every hour or so, lunch at noon, naps for both at 1. Without my schedule and craziness, I felt a little off and wasn’t sure what to do with myself. Quickly, I put a plan together and I felt secure again. I went grocery shopping.

Similarly, I always prepare a plan of my day and week at DDA. I know what projects need my attention and which ones can wait until the following week. Website design concepts – for a returning client that we created (4)  trade show graphic panels for – are due in about 2 hours.  Then, two other projects that were being reviewed have been approved and interior magazine layouts for a flipbook project need to be tackled along with an interior website page design for a kitchen cabinet company.  So, I have my plan, my schedule, and know exactly what to do with myself.