In the Home Stretch

The complete series of posters for the DDA Office are almost finished; 5 are done and 2 more to go — those being Graphic Design and Web Development. While I have a good idea of what the Web Development poster will look like, most likely a graphic representation of a complete website structure or “tree” (due to the length of these posters I think the “tree” of a site structure should be an interesting design element), I am struggling a bit with the Graphic Design poster. This should be the easiest one!

I have lived and breathed graphic design for almost the last 10 years. I’ve taught Graphic Design classes and I’ve designed numerous brochures, trade show graphics, logos, web designs, business cards, and calendars. I’ve studied and taught typography courses and often read my son children’s books written and illustrated by famous graphic designers and illustrators (Sparkle and Spin by Paul Rand is his favorite). So, why would this be the hardest poster… it should be the easiest!

Perhaps I’m too close to the subject, or perhaps I’m afraid it won’t stand out as the best (why wouldn’t I want it to?). That’s my dilemma for the day and hopefully by tomorrow I will be posting about how successfully or unsuccessfully it all turned out.