“Irresistibly delicious” logos

My neighbor, and the kids’ adopted “Grandy”, just got home from New Mexico and brought me a jar of green chili sauce. YUM!  In June my husband and I were in NM and each morning I dragged him out of bed at 8:30am to run down the street to eat at Cafe Pasqual’s. Specifically their Huevos Rancheros with a side of green chili sauce. I was in heaven! So, when my dear neighbor showed up with what I think is “the best organic green chili sauce in the entire universe,” I was ecstatic! The jar is half gone and it’s only been in my possession for a day and a half. Yesterday, each meal was slathered with green chili sauce and I predict the same will happen today. When the jar is emptied (most likely tomorrow) I will miss it and search the Internet for ways to buy it in bulk and I also predict I will perhaps get my fill of green chili sauce and move onto another “best thing in the entire world” almost like a favorite t-shirt or song (both of which I also currently have. T-shirt is gray and song is anything by Ingrid Michaelson).

Once I am finished with this blog post, my high priority task is to create a second round of logo designs for an anesthesia practice. Logo design has been proving to be the most complicated, unpredictable graphic design service we perform. It is such a personal mark of our client’s company, business or medical practice that the most common feedback we receive is “when I see it I will know it.” My wish is that I could slather on the design equivalent of green chili sauce onto our revised set of logos to make them “irresistibly delicious”. But, since no magic tool exists, I will have to rely on my experience, training and a small dash of client feedback. Thankfully, I have a belly full of scrambled eggs (yes, with a side of green chili sauce), so I’m in great spirits to wrap this project up so I can start on a new medical website design.