It just depends…

Try to finish this sentence. One of my absolute favorite things to do is _____________. Some of you may say sleep, or eat ice cream or go to the beach. I was proposed with this question a few days ago by my 4 1/2 yr old and I wasn’t sure how to answer it. I do love to sleep, but hate sleeping in late in the morning. Ice cream hurts my teeth and the beach is fabulous, but after 2 or 3 days I’m ready to go home. I like to watch movies, but one can only watch so many movies. Coffee is good, but too much gives me heartburn and lately all I want to do is be in the backyard and pull weeds, use my trimmer/edger and watch my kids play, but eventually I get sore, sunburnt and the kids are ready for a popsicle break. So, I just couldn’t pinpoint that one favorite thing without thinking, but… I have the same problem answering this question. What’s your favorite color? I just don’t have one. I have a favorite color for my kitchen, that’s orange. I love sage green for my living room. Sometimes I want to wear a bright yellow shirt and sometimes I want to wear gray. I love to wear jeans so does that mean blue is my favorite color.. oh, and my favorite color car is navy, unless it’s a sports car then I prefer red. I just painted my BILCO doors to the basement bright, fire engine red. Never would paint them orange, but I did paint the kid’s little kitchen orange. So, my favorite color? It just depends!

I have a few favorite DDA tasks as well. If I have a huge block of time then my favorite design project are website designs. Not a lot of time to focus on any one thing? Then, all those little fixes, updates and changes to other projects like interactive media interfaces, or brochure edits or DDA website updates and enhancements. Is it Thursday at 5pm? Probably a good time to back up my work and grab a glass a wine from the kitchen. Tuesday at 5:30am? Not my most favorite thing, but I do enjoy getting up before the kids wake to take care of all the design requests I received the day before such as logo design revisions or CD-ROM/DVD design mockups.

What I can answer is this. What is your absolute least favorite thing? Making dinner with two kids needing attention and with no idea what to make… which is what is about to happen in about 2 hours… So, for now I will immerse myself into some corporate brochure changes.