It’s all about Process

There are quite a few projects underway this week, each at various stages of completion. First, a calendar design is pending final changes from the client. Second, a newsletter design is also pending photography and content from a client. Third, website designs are underway and will be sent to a new client tomorrow. Fourth, a website design home page is pending approval from a client and finally another website that it is the buildout stage of our website design and development process is on hold until a decision about one important area is made by another one of our important clients.

Yesterday, we met with a new client to discuss a new project that originally began as a trifold brochure and morphed into a athletic trading card, which needs to be completed today so that proofs can be reviewed tomorrow for their desired delivery date of this Tuesday. IMPOSSIBLE, you say… Well, no. Our process allows for these types of projects. We also will not prepare a design that is below our expectations. Our project coordinators, graphic designers, copywriters, print estimaters all went full-speed ahead on this one and designs have just been sent out for our client to review.

What slows up our process? Usually, client feedback is the most crucial element. Because we keep our clients as important partners in every stage of our design process it is important to receive their feedback before continuing on to the next step. Why? This process has ensured that client’s receive exactly what they want and with our expert guidance and professional input, they do and usually a bit more. Really? Just take a look at the listing of unsolicited comments we have received.