It’s Monday

I woke up extra early today to get a jump on the day before my boys woke up. I was at my computer at 5:30 am (while most of you were still fast asleep!) and reviewed my workload, set up my list of priorities and drank my morning coffee. I even took a minute to google a problem I was having with my MAC Widgets. The font that was being used was all set in an outlined font. UGH! Was unreadable, illegible and just ugly. Luckily there was someone else out there with the same problem and was nice enough to provide a solution. I simply disabled Helvetica’s Outline font and it’s all fixed. Great, and it wasn’t even 6am yet! An internal DDA project took first priority… there were a number of notes I took on Thursday while the graphic designers met with the programmers and flash animators to pull together our thoughts and progress thus far. I wanted to make sure I finished the edits before my notes started to make no sense! Next on my list was to continue with website designs for an equipment company website. There was a 1pm conference call to discuss the final website designs for a parking garage company’s website, which I was a bit late for because I was putting my 3-year old up for a nap. Luckily, we have the most understanding clients and I dialed into the call about 10 minutes late and all was well. We are getting very close to finalizing the design and moving onto the next step of our website design process. Right now I’m writing in my daily blog and after that I hope to cross some more to-dos off my list!