Juggling Act

For almost a week now I have been battling a sinus infection along with a husband with bronchitis and a 4-year old with a double ear infection who is getting better, but decided to throw up all over everything this morning. So, I’m juggling a handful of illnesses. Thankfully, I was able to take my 4-year old to Grandma’s for some TLC and then turned the corner and dropped my 17-month old off at his adopted Nanny. I’m juggling the kids around so I can get some work done, which is another carefully orchestrated juggling act.

The redesigned DDA Medical site is really taking shape and as we finalize design issues and content placement, updates will need to be made to our other division’s websites. Links to DDA’s Awards page, DDA Firsts, Meed DDA, Latest & Greatest, Testimonials, and DDA Grid all need to be juggled and rearranged to include DDA Coffee. With 7 divisions, each offering a unique and expansive list of services and capabilities, DDA has mastered the art of juggling. Each new project that comes through our advertising agency is carefully managed, juggled a bit (but never dropped), and delivered on time. For example, an eLearning tool for Continuing Medical Education, Medical Device Training or Simulation Training will pass through our graphic design department and then on to our Video Department while the Programming Department takes their turn juggling the different elements until a completed, polished, state-of-the-art tool is delivered to the client.

Over the weekend we took our 4-year old to a bike shop to buy his first 2-wheeler. He has been saving his pennies (and quarters, dimes, dollars, etc.) and saved enough to get the Trek Jet 16. It’s nicer than my bike! While we there he spotted a unicycle and said someday he is going to ride that and learn how to juggle. I’m not the only one with juggling on my mind!